How to use Bead Garden Templates and Perler Beads

Bead Garden templates are a great way to get started with Perler Beads. While it is easy enough to start placing beads on your pegboard, templates make it much easier to get your bead placements correct right away! leaving the sometimes tedious task of re-adjusting bead positions out of the process entirely. This article will guide you through each step of the creation process from printing out your template to the completion of your very own 1 up mushroom!

Things you will need

1 x Bead Garden Pegboard
1 x Bead Garden Template (for this tutorial we will be using the 1Up Mushroom Template)
1 x Iron Sheet (either plastic or paper)
1 x Iron (Kids, please ask your parents with this one. Any household iron will do.)
Perler Beads (for this template, you will need green, black and white Perler Beads)

The Bead Garden Templates have been designed to work seamlessly with the large, transparent, Bead Garden pegboards that are available here. The Bead Garden 1Up Mushroom Template is available as a free download from our templates section or for direct download hereYou can also pick up all of these items as a starter kit which includes Perler Beads, Pegboard, Iron Sheets and even a Nipper tool to get your started from our store.

Step 1 – Printing the template

The Bead Garden Templates come in the form of PDF documents which have been carefully sized to work perfectly with our transparent pegboards. So to keep this size when you print the template you have to make sure that the “Actual Size” option is ticked on before you click the “print” button.

First, open the template PDF with Adobe Reader (which you can download for free here) it should look something like this:



Next, click File > Print… and the print dialogue box will open up. Make sure the “Actual size” option is selected then click “Print”:


Your template should now be printed in the correct size to be used with your Bead Garden Pegboard.


Step 2 – Line up your pegboard and start beading!

Now that you have your template printed and ready to go, place the Bead Garden Pegboard over the template and line it up so that the pegs line up with the centre of the squares on the template:


With the template and pegboard lined up you may want to secure it in place with some tape or just realign it every now and then as needed, I’ll leave that one up to you. The next part is the fun bit, start placing your beads on the pegboard using the template as your guide.


Using a nipper tool makes picking up and placing beads a little easier but you can get the job done just as well without it if you don’t have one.


Step 3 – Fusing your beads (adult required)

Okay kids, this step will require you to use a hot iron so please ask an adult to help. Once you are finished placing your beads, it is time to fuse them together with the iron.

First, turn on your iron and set it to a medium heat. Let it sit for a while as it heats up to the set temperature.


When your iron is hot enough, place an iron sheet over the pegboard and begin ironing over the beads in a smooth circular motion.



Continue to heat the beads with smooth circular ironing motions until the beads are fused together nicely, be careful not to overheat the beads/iron paper. You can lift the iron up every now and then to check the progress of the beads as they fuse to one another, it is best to leave the iron paper on the beads throughout the ironing process because lifting up the iron paper too early can cause some of the beads to peel off along with the paper.


Once you are happy with the fusion of the beads, lift off your iron and allow the beads to cool for a few moments (about 30 seconds should be long enough). Now, carefully peel the iron paper off the beads.


At this time, it is usually a good idea to leave your beads on the pegboard for another few minutes to allow them to cool (about 5 – 10 mins is more than enough). Once your new creation has cooled, peel it off the pegboard.


Congratulations! your new creation is now complete!

I hope you have enjoyed working with your first Bead Garden template, please take a look at our template  section to find lots of other templates for you to work on! Also remember to check back every now and then as we are always adding more templates each month. Also, if you ever need additional Perler Bead supplies please check our store for all your beading needs. Bead Garden is pleased to have helped you through your first template project, have fun beading!

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