Bead Garden Jumbo Kit Perler Beads


Our latest order of beads have just arrive from the manufacturer, we are all restocked and ready to go! To celebrate the restocking of our shelves we have put all kits on sale at 15% off for a limited time!

Happy beading beaders! also if you have any completed project that you would like to show off please send them in to

I’ll put your work on the front page of our website and thank you with 10% off coupon code!

Christmas Tree Templates!

It’s almost Christmas everyone! We’ve been getting lots of orders for kits in preparation for the big happy day, so as a thank you to all of our amazing beading customers we thought we would create a few handy templates that will help you with your Christmas Tree decorations! The first is a template for Mario and Luigi in a cute stocking which you can put together and hang on your tree!

We plan to put together a few more templates for you guys over the next few days so keep an eye out!

Happy beading everyone!

School Holidays Sale!

Hi Beaders! We have put all kits on sale for the school holiday period sale will last until the end of the month (April 30th).

We also got a great customer photo from Richard O’Sullivan last month of some of the great beading work he did with our beads! Thanks Richard for sending in the photo 🙂

If you would like us to feature your work on the website, please send it in via our contact page!

Happy beading everyone!

Amazing Projects!

Hi Everyone! It’s been a while since we wrote a post, it’s been a busy couple of months for Bead Garden and I’ve gotten a little slow on our news posts but the beading must go on! Over the weekend we got a message on our Facebook page from a fellow Bead Garden beader. She was kind enough to share a photo of her amazing work of a Piranha Plant from Mario and we thought it was too awesome not to share it with you all on our homepage!


Thank you Sarah for sharing your awesome project with us!

If you have a bead project you would like to show off on our homepage, please don’t hesitate to share it with us on our Facebook page.

Happy beading everyone!

New Minecraft Templates

Homepage update and new Minecraft templates!

Hi everyone, you may have noticed a few changes to the home page! we have given the site a small facelift with the new blue background and a more customized look and feel. I hope you like the new changes! I am especially fond of the new welcome note images.

In addition to the recent website updates, we would also like to announce the release of a new range of Minecraft templates! We have a new Steve template and a Diamond Tools template! You can download the new templates from the template section and don’t forget to check out our Guide if it is your first time using a our templates.

Happy Beading!

Bead Garden Jumbo Kit Perler Beads

New Bead Garden Jumbo Kits!

Bead Garden would like to announce the release of our brand new Jumbo Kits! The Jumbo kit is the largest and most value for money kit we have available in our shop coming with 16 different colours at 24,000 beads in total, including our newest shades of purple and yellow perler beads and a whopping four pegboards and two large storage boxes along with all the normal accessories you are accustomed to the new Jumbo kits are everything you will need for your next big project and then the big project after that!

To celebrate the launch of the new Jumbo kits, we are putting all of our kits on sale at a 10% discount! If you are running low on beads, now would be a great time to stock up! Happy beading guys!

News purple bead garden beads

New Purple Beads and Haunter Template!

We’ve just received our latest shipment this month and with it came a few brand new bead colours that we are excited to add to your current stock list of perler beads! We wanted to continue adding different shades of our existing colours such as the new baby yellow and egg shell coloured beads to our range but we are especially excited to announce the availability of our new Purple Perler beads coming in both a darker shade and a lighter shade of purple.

Using the new purple beads we were able to make our very own Haunter!


Haunter! One of the ghost Pokemon from Pokemon

We’ve also made a new Bead Garden Perler Bead template, so you can make a haunter of your very own too! Download a copy of the new Haunter template here, if you would like to see a guide on how to use our templates you can read our guide here.

Happy Beading guys!

Perler Bead Large Kit Beads

New Bead Garden Large Kits!

I am pleased to announce that the new bead garden large kits have just gone on sale! The large kits contain everything you would need for your next big project, with 14000 beads included of 14 different colours and 4 peg boards as well as iron sheets, nipper tools and a new 24 slot storage box. The large kits aimed to keep the avid beader supplied for a long time! check out the product page here. To celebrate the launch of the new large kit we are putting it on sale for $59.95! (normally $64.95) That is some pretty decent value. Happy beading!

Bead Garden Open for Business!

I am pleased to announce the grand opening of the Bead Garden perler bead and template store! To celebrate this momentous event, we have created a free perler bead template of the Bead Garden logo! The new template is available for download in our templates section.  Bead Garden aims to provide a central location for perler bead enthusiasts to pick up perler beads and perler bead related supplies at an affordable price with local shipping rates for Australia, New Zealand and Asia. On top of this we also aim to provide perler bead enthusiasts from around the world a place where they can find easy to use perler bead templates which are available as free pdf downloads from our template section. We are always adding more templates to our store so please check back regularly for news updates and guides on everything perler bead!