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New Purple Beads and Haunter Template!

We’ve just received our latest shipment this month and with it came a few brand new bead colours that we are excited to add to your current stock list of perler beads! We wanted to continue adding different shades of our existing colours such as the new baby yellow and egg shell coloured beads to our range but we are especially excited to announce the availability of our new Purple Perler beads coming in both a darker shade and a lighter shade of purple.

Using the new purple beads we were able to make our very own Haunter!


Haunter! One of the ghost Pokemon from Pokemon

We’ve also made a new Bead Garden Perler Bead template, so you can make a haunter of your very own too! Download a copy of the new Haunter template here, if you would like to see a guide on how to use our templates you can read our guide here.

Happy Beading guys!